Sunday, 9 September 2012

Three-year fixed rate at 5.39% with no rate lock

We're told we live in uncertain times, in the mortgage broking and finance industry, and people are reluctant to spend. Remember the saying “Cash is King”…

Well, why not consider holding on to more of your cash and getting the certainty back in your life? The Home Loan Centre can currently offer a three-year fixed rate at 5.39% with a free rate lock on application.

This rate is with one of The Home Loan Centre's major lenders and, according to senior mortgage broker Michael Searle, is one of the lowest fixed rates on offer.

"Instead of trying to predict where interest rates are headed, why not lock in peace of mind for the next three years and put some valuable cash back in your pocket," said Mr Searle.

"An increasing number of our clients are taking steps to refinance their existing home loan and have been surprised at just how much they can save."

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Monday, 3 September 2012

No move on interest rates as staples rise

The Reserve Bank of Australia has again maintained the official cash rate at 3.5%, despite the largest decline in retail spending in seven years.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures are further proof Australians are reining in their spending. It’s not surprising considering the shrinking manufacturing sector and a mid-year drop in job advertisements.
However, unofficial inflation figures released by TD Securities – Melbourne Institute have noted a rise of 0.6% in August on top of the 0.2% June increase. The marginal increases have been attributed to the rising cost of essentials such as fruit, vegetables and petrol.
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